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Thanks to everyone who consigned to this years Midwest Sale. We look forward to seeing everyone at the 2018 sale.

Midwest Longhorn Sale
April 28, 2018
Winfield, KS

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Sniper Co owned with G&G Longhorns


Welcome to our web site End of Trail Ranch and this picture shows Sniper a young bull we're promoting that has a tremendous set of horns and there growing like crazy. We will have several cows bred to him for  2016 spring calves he is AI certified and we are in the process of collecting semen on him at this time. The ranch is located in the famous Flint Hills south of Latham, Kansas that has some of the richest bluestem grass in the country. Thanks for visiting our web site and reviewing our longhorn cattle program.
At "End of Trail Ranch" we are breeding and raising longhorn cattle to meet the growing demand for the total package animal. We have acquired and raised some of the top genetics in the longhorn breed today to achieve this goal. We have 300 breeding age cows and heifers in our herd that have some pretty impressive horn measurements. Our herd sires have produced some of the rising stars of the longhorn breed today in longhorn events. All of our cattle are eligible for all Millennium Futurities. Please feel welcome to call or come by for a visit to see our program.

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