The easy way to work Longhorn Cattle! 
•Measure horns
•A.I. Cows
•Palpate Cows
•Vacinate or deworm cattle
•Galvanized steel sheeting and galvanized pipe frame
•Grease certs for easy operation & maintenace
•Preg gates for palpating or A.I. cattle 
Dear Chute Customer,

Thank you for inquiring about our longhorn chute! If you
would like to see a video on how the chute operates please
call or e-mail us with your mailing information and we will
send you one. This is the best chute on the market to work
Longhorn cattle and as the video shows it is easy to operate.
Take the worry out of working your big horned cattle and order
one today.

The chute weighs about 1200 lbs and is 11'long,7' high
and 7 1/2'wide with a 4' wing that fits on the semi circle
to make it 11 1/2'wide when assembled. It has grease certs
on the hinges for easy operation and is made out of schedule
40 galvanized pipe and galvanized sheeting. The only things
that are not galvanized are the square tubing, flat iron, and
angle iron and they are painted. This chute will last a
lifetime under normal use.

We can ship the chute most places in the country today
and get you a freight rate common carrier. The price of
"The Longhorn Chute" is $3,495.00 picked up at Wichita Fence
Company Inc. 4901 N. Broadway, Wichita, Kansas 67219.

Mike Bowman

The chute that measured 101 head of big-horned cattle in 160 minutes at the HORN SHOWCASE 2001!
Click here to see the Longhorn Chute in action.

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